Thursday, 13 January 2011

Very chuffed!

"The Lost Film Novella" has been picking up some very good comments from my pre-readers, which is very re-assuring. Last week, in the midst of a conversation about something else, Gary McMahon offered to read it and I sent him over a copy. He read the first six chapters that day, emailing me and saying how good it was. Today, he finished it. And sent me a lovely message (calling it the best work of mine that he's read) and a blurb (should I want one). Here it is, in its entirety, followed by a mock-up cover with a bit of the blurb on it.

I'm chuffed.

"Lights, camera, action...Mark's West's lost film novella will grab your soul by the sprocket holes, pull you into a dark cinematic nightmare, and then re-edit the way you look at the world. Experience it at your peril."Gary McMahon, author of "Pretty Little Dead Things" (and many others too).

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