Monday, 10 January 2011

The Lost Film, more writing and some sleazy reading

"The Lost Film Novella" is picking up some excellent feedback from my pre-readers, much better than I could have hoped for, which I'm really pleased about. Especially since there were a couple of times where I thought "nah, this is stupid" - I'm so glad I carried on! I've yet to read back through it, though I'm looking forward to doing so.

And coincidentally enough, I've found another Roger Sinclair poster. This dates back to 1972 (it's got a really cool title) and stars the wonderful Martine Beswick - who'd made a big splash the previous year with "Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde" - and the lovely Judy Matheson. Sinclair's 'usual suspects' round out the cast.

In other writing news, I've finally had the idea and inspiration for my Spectral Press chapbook. Whether it gets accepted, of course, is a different matter but I like what I'm now calling "Wonderland". Most of it is in my head now (the story needs to run for about 7,000 words) and I'm going to start work on it - all being well - tomorrow. As is my wont, I've done some cover art for it already - see what you think:

And finally, my reading has kicked off this year with "Scourge", by Nick Sharman. In my quest for some sleazy, Peter Raft style horror, I found this in a great 2nd hand bookshop in Leicester. And you know what, this isn't half bad!


  1. Really looking forward to reading the fabled Lost Film Novella after all this build-up :-)

    What was the 2nd hand bookshop? We like the two charity bookshops on Queens Rd in Leicester.

  2. Cheers, Selina.

    The 2nd hand bookshop was in the arcade that gets you from the street where Forbidden Planet is through to the main street. There's a retro shop on the other side, sells t-shirts and old Star Wars figures.

    As for the Lost Film Novella....