Monday, 21 June 2010

Where I am now

Well, here we are in the start of a new week and, I have to say, I had an excellent weekend. My dear friend Pauline celebrated a milestone birthday on on Saturday and I went to help her celebrate and it was great to see her and, particularly, another friend I haven’t seen for the best part of 20 years.

Yesterday was Fathers Day and - aside from a glitch when Dude & I were shopping on Saturday and as we walked through Clinton’s he said “we got you a big card from here” - I had a wonderful day. He bought me a t-shirt with Darth Vader on it and the legend “I Am Your Father” which, for a 5 year old without ready access to funds or the ability to get to the shops, is pretty good going!

I’ve started to read “Where The Heart Is” (as I await Gary McMahon’s new novel, which I am going to critique) and, though I’ve only read four stories so far, they’ve been of a very high standard. Still waiting for hear about “Come See” (though judging by the writers accepted so far, I think I may have gone way, way, way off guidelines), but more and more ideas are starting to coalesce on ZoQuNo. I need to start work on that soon though, before the enthusiasm starts to dwindle away…

Dude & I at Isham railway bridge, just prior to our Fathers Day picnic!

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