Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Catching up on some reading

I finished “Where The Heart Is” yesterday and I’ve posted my review up at - which can be found here.

I sent Carole Johnstone (who wrote the marvellous “Stamping Ground” in the anthology) a little note, on GoodReads, saying that I really liked her story and she came back, saying that she’d also enjoyed “The City In The Rain” but also that she’d read and liked “The Mill”. How cool is that?

On the reading front, I’ve just starting a full critique of Gary McMahon’s new novel, which is the sequel to “Pretty Little Dead Things” (due to be published later this year by Angry Robot) and I’m really looking forward to that.

On the writing front, I’ve had no word on the fate of “Come See My House In The Pretty Town” (and I’m starting to think that might be an ominous sign) and I still haven’t started on ZoQuNo, though I’ve had a few more bits of imagery relating to it.

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