Friday, 25 May 2012

The Mill - now available in paperback

"The Mill", my little 'story-that-could' moves into another phase of its life today, as it's released in paperback by those fine folks at Greyhart Press. I'm thrilled, as you can imagine - it's always nice to hold a book with your name on the cover, doubly so when you know that people have really connected with the story.

We have a signing session lined up in July, at Market Harborough Waterstones and more are likely to happen beyond that, mostly - I think - in conjunction with other Greyhart writers.

In the meantime, however, if you fancied getting hold of this wonderful print edition, those very nice people at Greyhart are running a competition that's free to enter, with three copies of the book on offer. To check it out, click the link below:

The Greyhart Press competition to win a free copy of "The Mill"

If you're unlucky, it can also be purchased from Amazon in the UK here and in the US here.

If you're one of those odd people who doesn't like paper books, you can always go the ebook route.

Available from here
Available from here
Available from iTunes (UK) here
Available from iTunes (US) here
Available from Barnes & Noble here
Available from Smashwords here


  1. I wish you great sales, Mark. I only wish it was suitable for scaredy cats to read. :-)