Saturday 12 February 2011

Nostalgia and monsters

I was reading through the first few posts at the Monster Awareness month being run by Mark Deniz and his team and something caught my eye in the Where Monsters Dwell article by Robert Hood. It was this picture, particularly, that got my attention. I know that image, I thought. I went onto eBay, luckily found a copy on there and ordered it. It arrived today, in probably more of a mint condition than the one I read back in the late seventies.

Yes, following on from my previous post about nostalgia, today I read through a comic that I first had in 1977 or 1978 and - incredibly - some of the images came flooding back to me. I remembered the Hyde character from “Backstage Madness” and the prematurely aged baby and father in “The Man Who Meddled” (and I remembered that those latter images gave me some bad dreams too) and it was like being thrown right back in time. It was also interesting to note just how many ads there were - not only for cool things like Evel Knievel’s bike and accessories (I had one of those), but how to succeed in business too and that you should get into electronics, the “science of the seventies!”

The comic is copyright 1974, issue 33, January 1975. There’s no way I’d have had it then (I was only 6), so I must have been reading someone else’s copy. I have no idea where my issue went but I’m really chuffed to have this back again.

So thanks, Robert Hood and Mark Deniz, for helping me recapture another little piece of my past!

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