Monday, 20 December 2010

A recommendation...

Just a quick heads up, to those of you out there looking for something dark and supernatural to get your teeth into. I’ve been lucky enough to get an early read of the debut story/chapbook from Spectral Press - “What They Hear In The Dark”, by Gary McMahon.

I’m still reeling. Not just from the story, because that is truly a thing of genius, but because I got an early copy to give me an idea of what I needed to write, as I’m lined up for Spectral Press edition too. Having read this, I now think I maybe ought to get out whilst the going’s good and take up needlework.

I’ve published my review at GoodReads (direct linked from here), so you can read it for yourself, but I’ll just put a little here -

Emotionally devastating, told with your McMahon’s usual brisk style without an ounce of fat or excess, this is gripping and painful and beautiful and honest and bleak as all hell.

Do yourself a favour, get over to
Spectral Press and order yourself a copy!

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