Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Happy Birthday!

5 years ago today, my little Dude was born and the first time I saw him, I was struck by an intense feeling of love and protectiveness and a terrifying sense that I had no idea what to do. 5 years later, I have exactly the same feelings but we're both still here and loving life, so each of us is obviously doing something right!

He’s clever, funny as hell, has a wonderful laugh, cares about people and enjoys 80s music! Simply put, he’s the best thing I’ve ever done and even though he won’t be reading this, I wanted to mark the occasion in some way.
So, in the spirit of nostalgia, which I love, this is the first post I ever made about him, on my LiveJournal, which I put up when I got home from the hospital:This afternoon, at 3.15 and by c-section, Alison gave birth to our son, Matthew Edward. We had a great medical team, Alison was a star and Matthew himself is just wonderful.

He's 10lbs 5.5ozs (Alison's diabetic and we knew he was going to be big, but this was a surprise!) and currently in the Special Care Unit with a very low blood sugar reading, which they are treating. I got to do the first feed and stayed with him for most of the afternoon and early evening, taking plenty of digital pics and reporting his progress back to Mummy, who was laid up in bed.

Other than the blood sugar business (for both of them), each are fine and dandy and I'm super hyped up and happier than I can ever remember being. It's just before midnight here (I went over to Mum & Dad's to show them the digi-pics and they are as overjoyed as us) and I know I've got to get some sleep, but I really don't want this day to end.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be many more updates but this is number one and this is very proud Daddy signing off for now!

Matthew's first feed (in the SCU) with me in the scrubs I had to wear in the theatre and Matthew & I, on the train at Brampton, 3rd May 2010.

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