Monday 31 July 2017

Life Is What You Make It...

Three years ago, on 4th August, I suffered my heart attack, a life-changing event in a lot of ways.  Although I'd already started to lose weight (as I wrote about here), it really focused my attention and my Fall Guy summer (which I wrote about here) was a chance to make some changes as I realised what was important to me.

Three years on, I'm maintaining my weight loss (as of today, I am 69lb - or 31.3kgs - down on my peak weight), still walking at least 15-20 miles a week (and regularly getting in sub-13 minute miles), as fit as ever and definitely embracing life.  Which, although it was a tough way to figure it out, is the lesson I took from the incident.

Life's too short, people, embrace it!

Me & Dude, 9th June 2014 (just before I started my weight-loss program)
Me & Dude, 25th July 2017, out enjoying an early evening walk together


  1. Much love to you, mate - you've done amazing by your family. As if you needed to do anything more to keep your Nicest Guy in Horror award! :P

  2. Glad you've made this journey a successful one :o)

  3. And we're all glad your still with us x

  4. You've achieved so much and more importantly shown dude how to succeed x Well done, Mark :)

  5. Good on you. You've made the necessary lifestyle choices, even if they weren't always easy.

  6. Hurray! You're an inspiration!


    "Nicest guy in horror"-- love it!