Tuesday 2 April 2013

Falsche See, On the North German Plain

The Demonologia Biblica: 1 (TRES LIBRORUM PROHIBITORUM) has just been published by Western Legends Publishing.  The brainchild of editor Dean M Drinkel, this is a massive anthology of 26 stories, all dealing with demons in some way, shape or form.

The book is available in paperback from Amazon UK here and Amazon US here

The book is also available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon UK here and Amazon US here

I was approached about contributing a story by Dean at FantasyCon and he gave me the letter N.  My fellow contributor Nick Vance (who played the Chatterer cenobite - how cool is that?) kindly sent me the N section from a demonology encyclopaedia and I chose the Nickar, since I felt it gave me the most freedom.

As I knew it had to be set on or around a lake in Germany, I did some research and discovered the North German Plains.  From there, it was fairly straightforward to set up the characters being at a conference, though the romance angle was mainly to get them out of the building.  Working on this I quickly realised that Google Translate was my friend and I had some fun with the language - the title essentially means False Lake and the town is “Monster Village”.

I like the story and I'm pleased to be involved in such a great project, with a huge array of writers!

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