Monday, 25 March 2013

Urban Occult released today...

Today marks the release, in print and as an ebook, of "Urban Occult", a new anthology from Anachron Press, edited by Colin F Barnes.

Featuring a great line-up of writers, this is an excellent read (I'm reading it at the moment, I'm three stories from the finish and each one so far has been very good) and the book itself looks fantastic.

cover design by Sarah Anne Langton

The book is available from a variety of places, some of which can be found here:

From the Anachron Website

From Amazon (e-books)

From Amazon (print)

My contribution is called "The Witch House", a little story I'm really quite pleased with.  It came, initially, from an image of three boys cowering in a doorway as something towers over them, which doesn't actually appear in the final draft.

The location for the piece is all real (I wish I could say the same for the Witch house itself) and when Nick's Mum & Dad used to live in New Street, we’d often climb over into the fire station yard to play (before the library was built, that area was wasteland and we played there too).  There were old buildings near the bottom of New Street that backed onto the yard and we investigated once or twice, but never went in anywhere.

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