Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy birthday, TJ

Today would have been my sister Tracy’s 40th birthday. It’s 8 years (this year) since she passed away and I still miss her a lot. She was the world’s biggest Snoopy fan and, whilst I used to enjoy it before, I now use Peanuts as a way of keeping her memory alive. Matthew, obviously, never met her - though he knows all about her - and I’ve managed to pass on to him a love for Snoopy. The following is his favourite YouTube clip of the smart beagle and Woodstock and never fails to make him laugh.

So, as a happy 40th gift, from all of us, here’s Snoopy laughing at the dancing bunnies.

Happy birthday, TJ


  1. lovely tribute to a lovely person. I'm sure she had a good laugh over this. All the best to you