Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I'm chuffed!

Had an email today from the wonderful Mick Curtis, who's just read "In The Rain With The Dead". He wrote - and I quote - 'I loved it! I liked the characters so much that several times I was tempted to look at the end of the book to see if they’d be ok or not'.

This has really pleased me. Writers mostly work in a vacuum - you write the story, sell it (hopefully) and then, later on, it gets published and makes its own way into the world and you're not there to defend it but have to hope that it'll be okay. When someone takes the time to let you know what they thought - and, moreso, when they clearly liked the thing - well, that's just a wonderful feeling.

My writing schedule seems to be filling up now, between the short I'm currently revising, the lost film novella and another new project and kind words like those of Mick only make me feel more confident about what I'm doing.

Cheers, Mick!

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