The Goblin Glass, by Mark West

After years of trying to keep his life on the straight and narrow, impossible circumstances have led Warren back to a life of crime. The job he is given is a simple breaking and entering, with instructions to steal a mirror, once belonging to a renowned Spanish magician.

The Goblin Glass. 

And what should have been simple quickly proves to be anything but. And as Warren is drawn into a nightmarish house with his simple goal in sight, he begins to realize just how much he has put on the line.

The Goblin Glass was originally published in the anthology Thou Shalt Not (edited by Alex Davis) and is now available as an e-chapbook, published by Darker Worlds Publishing

"A great mixture of tension and atmosphere, it's set not exactly in a haunted house but one that hosts something very odd indeed." 
Ketto, on Amazon (see full review here)

Excitingly for me, a flurry of interest on publication day pushed The Goblin Glass up the UK charts for Top 100 Horror Paid Short Stories, reaching the giddy heights of number 2 and stomping past some upstart called Stephen King.  To say I'm chuffed with this would be a huge understatement!

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